Searching for suitable employees in a foreign country represents a major challenge for companies. Besides professional qualifications, candidates also need to possess the relevant leadership qualities. Of course, the applicant must have the necessary foreign language skills (Polish/German/English) and be able overcome intercultural problems which are all too often underestimated. And in addition to all of this, the person concerned needs to be a good communicator, a team player, friendly and confident of their own skills and abilities.
Above all, the candidate must also be affordable. It is therefore worthwhile having a partner in place who is capable of finding the staff that meets these requirements since candidates of this nature are seldom available on the employment market.

We are ideally suited to supporting you with these measures: many members of our team were either born or have grown up in Poland. As such, not only do we have native speakers from Poland, but also people who understand the Polish mentality. Through family, friends and a range of professional contacts, we have built up a good network and help you to find staff in Poland with the relevant qualifications and to occupy the post.
You can depend on us!